CasinoCoin: Staking Revealed

by QuadJacks

Welcome back to this edition of the CasinoCoin blog. Today’s article is all about staking and how you can participate.

What is Staking?

By holding CSC, you will gain rewards simply by locking up your coins for a set period of time (see below). In the case of CasinoCoin, 600,000,000 (600m) CSC has been provided to Bitrue to allow staking on their exchange. Bitrue was the obvious choice because they are one of our oldest partners, and have been running staking programs for quite some time.

Why Stake CSC?

Staking is something that the CasinoCoin community has wanted for a long time. With the swap near completion and casino implementation imminent, this is another reason to hold CSC. If you’re keen to accrue interest on your CasinoCoin, then staking is currently the best option. As there are limited slots available, we recommend having your CSC ready to go on launch date!

Where to Stake

Power Piggy on Bitrue

Start Date

June 17, 2021


4% APY (flexible)
6% APY (30 day lock)

Maximum Amount Staked

10,000,000,000 (10 billion) CSC

The current plan for staking is one year on Bitrue, then we will evaluate on-chain solutions. In the meantime, we’re excited to have a fast and simple staking solution to provide rewards for our loyal community members.

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