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All Odds

To provide fast and secure solutions for the regulated gaming industry with both players and operators in mind.

Why CasinoCoin?

CasinoCoin (CSC) is a digital currency, developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry. The CasinoCoin project is led by a team dedicated and experienced in working within the regulated gambling sector and crypto e-gaming sectors. With this as a focal point, features and tools have been customized to meet both the needs of the users and the operators.

For End Users

For Operators

For End Users


CasinoCoin is powered by the XRP Ledger and gives users unmatched transaction costs, speed and security, with near instant deposits and withdrawals costing a small fraction over other crypto or traditional FIAT methods.

For Operators


CasinoCoin gives online casinos access to a new pool of potential players, already KYC verified in the CasinoCoin Wallet, ready to spend their CSC token at the casino sites integrated into the Wallet.


CasinoCoin is founded on an ethos of compliance and consumer protection first, and is developing a gaming environment worthy of the world’s top regulated gaming jurisdictions.

For Casinos

The lowest transaction fees

Operator fees typically range from 0.5% to 6% on deposits. As with deposits, operator savings on withdrawals are significant, and similar saving percentages can be expected. The XRPL currently charges a transaction fee of 12 drops (0.000012XRP, currently less ~$0.00000676), regardless of deposit amount.

Access a large player pool

CasinoCoin has an ecosystem with over 100,000 members who are ready to start playing. Easily onboard more players with CSC.

Safeguard player's funds

Full blockchain traceability. Disputes can be easily audited and resolved in a timely manner.

No chargebacks

Chargebacks account for 1% of total deposits per site, with an average deposit size of $54. Payment providers generally charge an extra 1% processing fee on top. Blockchain technology makes chargebacks impossible.

For Players

All the Casinos!

Access multiple platforms and exclusive rewards. Bonuses are tailored by casinos for the CSC community.

Cheap Transactions

Deposits and withdrawals carry a network fee of fractions of a cent - virtually free and near-instant.

Simple KYC

With a single point of KYC on the CasinoCoin network, access multiple gaming sites with ease. No longer will it be necessary to sign up repeatedly!

Trustless Storage

No need to trust a third party with your funds when you’re not playing. The XUMM wallet allows you to have full control over your CSC whenever you’re not playing a session.

Your players deserve more.

Let us help you with offering your players a better gaming experience, an experience that can help your brand increase traffic, improve retention and gain incremental revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

CasinoCoin (CSC) is a digital currency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and is made with the regulated gaming market in mind. CasinoCoin uses Ripple’s revolutionary ledger technology which was designed with the financial sector in mind for fast and efficient currency transactions. CasinoCoin features a number of advantages over traditional cryptocurrencies.

Eminence Ltd., based on the Isle of Man is the parent company of CasinoCoin (CSC). Eminence ensures the growth and success of CSC by expanding adoption and acceptance in the gambling market.
We are in conversation with several exchanges.

The XRPL CSC supply will be 65,000,000,000CSC.


Eminence Ltd
1st Floor,
Queen Victoria House,
Victoria Street,
Isle of Man

Company Number 134232C