CasinoCoin: Introducing the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp

by QuadJacks and JC Collins

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived.

No, it isn’t Daniel Keller and QuadJacks starring in their own Amazon Prime sitcom called Stakes Are High. But it’s something almost as good.

It’s time to reveal the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp, the flagship product of Eminence Ltd. The CasinoCoin Lobby is the launchpad application that allows players to access their favorite casinos for poker, slots, and sports betting. This edition of the CasinoCoin blog will walk-thru how the xApp works and explore its basic functionalities.

The CasinoCoin Lobby xApp is a significant milestone of the project, which serves as the foundation for the CSC digital asset and massive utility which will come. It is the use case for which CasinoCoin was developed and provides a market entry point for further expansion in future project phases. The CasinoCoin Lobby puts CSC ahead of other digital assets in use-case, adoption, and asset utility.

It’s happening now, so let’s explore together what the Lobby has to offer.

When first opening the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp, the User will be prompted to Sign Transaction before moving to the KYC and Registration screens. Here you will Confirm, Continue, and Verify with Email Validation

Upon KYC completion, additional screens appear, including Age and Terms of Service. Then the CasinoCoin Lobby User interface screen will appear. This screen will explain the CasinoCoin Lobby and show the following features:

⦁ Fast — Deposits and withdrawals at lightning speed.

⦁ Safe — Tokens stored in XUMM until deposit.

⦁ Rewards — Earn bonuses from your favorite casinos.

After KYC and Registration are completed, the User is greeted with the home screen where the CSC balance is displayed. A list of casino and gaming operators appears with information about each operator. Includes links to external resources which provide additional details on each operator.

There will also be a Settings screen within the Lobby, which will detail Limits — Transfers and Time, Personal Information, and Marketing settings. Profile options will include Username, Privacy, and Connections. There will be the option for theme settings and language, along with Dark or Light Mode.

The CasinoCoin Lobby xApp internal beta testing with select casino operators has started this month. Yes, you heard that correctly. Actual casino operators are now beta testing the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp. A further private/public beta will commence with additional participants selected by Eminence Ltd. After that, the full public release will take place with a wide selection of casino operators onboarded and ready to go.

Beta testing is an integral aspect of any project, and the timeline to completion of beta testing is based on a comprehensive set of variables. These variables include test results, application adjustments, partner timelines, and alignment across strategic targets. Eminence Ltd. sharing the CasinoCoin Lobby should be considered a massive step towards instant adoption with casino operator partners onboarded at launch.

Soon select community members will be chosen to participate in the beta testing alongside the casino operators. It will be the last stage before the full launch. CasinoCoin is moving quickly through its list of milestones, and target dates towards mass consumer adoption. CasinoCoin is ready for the gaming industry but is the gaming industry ready for CasinoCoin?

Stakes are high. CSC is coming.

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