Statement regarding the CasinoCoin swap from the CSCL to the XRPL by Eminence Ltd

13 September 2021

The swap for CSCL CasinoCoin to XRPL CasinoCoin started on 20 April 2021 and was due to end on 18 June 2021. During the swap period, an injunction was issued against Eminence Ltd. Having taken legal advice, Eminence Ltd could not announce the end of the swap, to ensure that we did not breach the terms of the injunction.

On 12 August 2021, the Isle of Man Court ordered that the swap should only remain open to the parties who applied for the injunction. Furthermore, on 31 August 2021 the Isle of Man Court entirely discharged the injunction against Eminence.

As we continually received questions about the swap, which we were unable to address, we want to apologize for any inconvenience caused. We have always tried to be as transparent and as open as possible, so this has been incredibly challenging given the legal restrictions placed upon us.

The swap from the CSCL to the XRPL was completed on 18 June 2021.