CasinoCoin: The Precipice of Greatness

by JC Collins

You’ve all heard the rumors about multiple casino partnerships and top 15 exchanges. The excitement levels are palpable and not without justification. But before we get too far down the road towards where we are inevitably going, let’s take a moment to recap the vast amount of ground covered in just the last 30-days. We must ensure complete coverage of the fast-moving events with accurate information.

This edition of the CasinoCoin blog is essential for that reason. It’s a pulse check before launching further.

Don’t worry; there will be a hidden golden nugget or two buried in this article. We’ll even have a not-so-subtle sneak peek at the end. Be sure to read to the conclusion as the nuggets could be buried anywhere, even in the last sentence.

The last month has been a whirlwind of announcements and milestones achieved for CasinoCoin. Things move fast in the cryptosphere, and digital assets are on a trajectory to fulfill a preordained destiny within the world’s systems.

A digital asset needs much more than a catchy name and cotton candy marketing. It requires a dedicated team with vision and discipline. This team drives to build a sustainable business model through ethical strategies and well-structured value propositions.

CasinoCoin has such a team from the development end, through senior management, to the marketing end of the business. But it’s not just the professionalism and drive that the CSC leadership brings to the project. It is the passion for innovation. This team is becoming more engaged on all development and strategic fronts, with marketing and networking reaching top ten project levels.

Right out of the gate, and immediately after the start of the swap from the old chain, which utilized the XUMM Wallet, the CasinoCoin efforts were evident as Bitrue was the first exchange to relist the new CSC. WhiteBit quickly followed it. Both exchanges offer unique services and products which further enhance CSC and its growing ecosystem.

On Bitrue, staking is now offered at a 4% yield with no lock-up or a 6% yield with a 30-day lock-up. It is the first of many staking and yield options that will be available to the holders of CSC.

Through the functionality and innovation built into the XUMM Wallet, users can now exchange CSC on the XRPL DEX by connecting the wallet with the SologenicDEX or the XRPToolKit. You can also exchange XRP for CSC directly within the XUMM Wallet itself.

More innovation followed with the development of the CSC TipBot on the CasinoCoin Discord channel. It is a tool that allows CSC community members to send CSC tips back and forth with one another. The CSC TipBot will soon have Twitter functionality as well.

Of course, the addition of CasinoCoin to the Flare Finance fleet of digital assets used across its suite of decentralized financial products — FlareX, FlareFarm, FlareLoans FlareMutual, FlareWrap, and Flare Mine. It has been the most significant announcement to date but will not be the largest.

One important thing which has gone mostly under the radar over the last few weeks is that Eminence Limited is now running a validator on the XRP Ledger (XRPL). Supporting Ripple and the XRP ecosystem, which CSC now runs on, is an integral aspect of the CasinoCoin business model and future development plans.

In summary, we have the following nine milestones achieved over the last 30-days:

  • More Engaged Professional and Innovative Leadership
  • More Well-defined Marketing and Networking Strategies
  • XUMM Wallet Functionality
  • Added to Bitrue Exchange
  • Added to WhiteBit Exchange
  • Staking offered on Bitrue Exchange
  • Creation of the CSC TipBot on Discord
  • Added to Flare Finance
  • Eminence XRPL Validator

Nine substantial milestones and achievements in 30 days. Can we expect another ten in the next 30-days? Perhaps. Imagine ten casino partnerships along with top 15 exchanges. Imagine that this is happening because it is happening. Imagine a world where online gambling and brick-and-mortar gambling interoperate through CSC over the XRPL and with smart contract functionality through Flare Finance and other decentralized services. It’s where we are going.

Now imagine opening the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp on your phone and scrolling an ever-growing list of casino operators, selecting your favorite game, and instantly playing. Casino operators scored on reputation, deposit types, two-factor authentication, high or low returns to players, and so much more, all at your fingertips. It’s truly the beginning of a massive CSC ecosystem. More on the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp next week.

Well, that’s an extensive list of milestones with some obvious, and not so obvious, foreshadowing of things to come in the immediate future. But the most significant milestone of all is the solid and supportive CasinoCoin community. This community is represented across all social media platforms and is growing by the day. The increasing success of CasinoCoin has as much to do with the community as the company itself. That is what makes CSC so great. A partnership across multiple stakeholders, all passionate about the mass adoption and success of the fastest, most scalable, and cheapest digital asset for the regulated gaming industry.

Together we achieve greatness. — JC

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