CasinoCoin: The CasinoCoin Nation

by JC Collins

Digital asset communities matter.

In this edition of the CasinoCoin blog, we will pick up where we left on in the last one and explore further how the CasinoCoin community is an integral part of the project’s growth.

You matter, and this blog is for you.

Social media and the growth of online communities supporting their favorite digital asset projects has reached new highs in 2021. CasinoCoin is no different. June alone, the increase across all social media platforms relating to mentions of #CasinoCoin, #CSC, #GetCasinoCoin, and other variations is in the double-digit territory. It includes Twitter (the staple social media platform for all crypto projects), Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.

Here is a sample of Twitter metrics related to CasinoCoin accounts broken down into Impressions, New Followers, Mentions, and Profile Visits.

It’s clear to see the growth is exponential and increasing by the day. The move to the XRP Ledger happened in May. Those numbers reflect a marginal slowdown in social media interactions during that time. With the XRPL transition completed, the engagement from the community in June has surpassed all expectations with massive anticipation as we move into July.

The number of accounts holding CSC also increased by 25% in June. At this increased rate, we will see over 20,000 accounts holding CSC sometime in August, if not before. There is much excitement in the cryptosphere for CasinoCoin, and it shows in the data. Sustainable growth doesn’t lie, and the trends provide us a glimpse of where this project is going.

Social media engagements with our partners have also been increasing and will continue to grow in the coming months. More milestones and announcements. (See the last edition of the CasinoCoin blog for a breakdown of the most recent milestones) These partners include XRP Ledger, Flare Finance, XUMM, XRP Labs, Bitrue, WhiteBit, and future potential partners, such as Exodus Wallet, Flare Networks, top 15 exchanges, and of course, the upcoming casino partnership announcements.

Let’s be sure to show our support to our partners and future partners across social media. We all have the same goal to build larger digital ecosystems.

There has been much talk about the XRP ecosystem and CasinoCoins position alongside Flare Finance. The same amount of attention has not yet been provided to the casino operating ecosystem building up around CasinoCoin. Rest assured, after the reveal of the xApp BackOffice next Tuesday, the discussion on this ecosystem will surpass all expectations. It will clear the way for casino partnership announcements. There are two of these on the docket for quick upcoming announcements. Plus, two more exchanges are imminent.

That’s just to get you warmed up.

There are also partnerships in process with top personalities in the gaming industry who can promote the CSC brand and bring additional awareness to the project. There is so much work behind the scenes that we could write four blogs a week and not run out of material. But the growth in the community alone is a testament to the strength and endurance of CasinoCoin.

With that in mind, there should be a level of patience on future announcements and milestones. The CasinoCoin team is quickly working its way through the strategic goals. There is a stewarded timeline that includes the CasinoCoin internal team, partners, and 3rd parties. All have interests, both legal and strategic, which need to align before announcements. You only get one opportunity to make an announcement. So far, everything is unfolding according to that strategic timeline.

The CasinoCoin team is professional and will continue to take a tempered and sustainable approach with all strategic goals. Announcements follow when all stakeholder interests have been satisfied. But that shouldn’t stop the CSC community from making noise and using social media to further its influence. Some of the greatest successes can originate from within the community itself. As an example, the header graphic for today’s blog originated with a community member. Additional partnerships can also grow from the online efforts of community teamwork.

Here is where we introduce #CSCNation. Why nation? It’s simple. Both community and army are overused. Endless meme coins have come out over the last few months, and all are using the #(insert generic coin name)army to wage social media battle.

CasinoCoin is no meme coin and has a significant use case alongside the other top-tier utility assets that will take over the digital asset landscape. But it’s not just the use case of CSC which stands it apart from other projects; it’s the sincerity and passion of the #CSCNation. With this comes a responsibility to conduct #CSCNation business professionally and as a team. The essential quality of a team is trust. Its ethics and moral code are to assist and empower others. Empowered individuals build creative, productive, and efficient environments. These are the characteristics of a true team. We lead by example. We are leaders of the cryptosphere.

The CasinoCoin project growth is inevitable. The CasinoCoin team is doing its part to build a massive digital gaming ecosystem with complete transparency and consistent updates on project milestones and strategies. The #CSCNation will do its part to ensure a collaborative and respectful social media environment. Leading by example and building trust is how we all win together. This is our Code of Conduct.

Digital asset communities are the new nations.