CasinoCoin: Meet Barry Patrick

CasinoCoin is excited to announce that we have an incredibly skilled individual joining our board of advisors. We’re always looking for suitable candidates that share the same enthusiasm, knowledge, and fascination within the e-gaming sector. Without further ado we would like to introduce Barry Patrick Director of Commercials and Revenue at Raw Entertainment which operates Roobet.

Barry has over 12 years of experience focused within the VIP environment across multiple licensed casinos. He has a serious understanding of gamblers’ needs and expectations. When it comes to maintaining customer loyalty, whilst also being able to offer a safe and compliant VIP experience in line with regulatory requirements, Barry is top-notch..

Matthew Cheetham, Director of Eminence, had the opportunity to catch up with Barry on multiple occasions including Malta Sigma & London ICE exhibition. “It’s an honour to have met with Barry and I naturally found so much in common both personally and professionally, Barry is very focused and driven within his career and it’s amazing to have those goals in alignment with CasinoCoin.”

We caught up with Barry to understand his journey through the e-gaming industry and asked some key questions.

Why did you choose to work in the gaming industry?

As an avid Sportsbook bettor, I wanted to see the workings of the other side of the industry.

Why do you like your job?

Dealing with and meeting customers has to be one of the highlights. As the gambling industry evolves, so do the needs of the customer. The constant changes to meet and exceed the customers expectations keeps me challenged and prevents my role from becoming stagnant.

What are some accomplishments you’ve achieved during your career?

I believe the biggest accomplishment was breaking into the industry to begin with. Although I’ve always had an interest in sports betting and casino games, I came from a building and renovations background, barely knowing how to even turn a computer on. When I was given the opportunity to start my career in e-gaming with no experience, I grabbed it with both hands. Starting on Customer Support, and choosing my path from there.

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

My biggest and proudest achievement is when I was given the opportunity to build and manage my own VIP department. At the start of my e-gaming career when working on customer support, I always wanted to work within the VIP vertical. I got the chance to start at the bottom of the VIP ladder as an operator taking telephone bets from VIP players. Although other opportunities came up to move into other areas of the business) I remained focused on VIP, climbing the ladder through every possible level. Eventually, I became Head of VIP where I can implement my own vision and strategies.

What is your favourite thing about your career or industry?

I love the fact that technology plays a huge part in how the gambling industry evolves. Remembering the days when if you wanted to place a bet, you would have to go down to the local high street bookmaker. Then came internet gambling, shortly followed by Mobile gambling so our customers could play anywhere on the move as long as they had their smartphones. Then along came cryptocurrencies which led to a boom on online crypto casinos. NFT’s are now also being introduced into the gambling environment and I can imagine the next step to be fully immersive metaverse style casinos where you can play all your favourite games in an interactive online virtual environment without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

What effects do you want to have on your industry?

I am a huge advocate of responsible gambling. So apart from being able to offer one of the widest ranges of Casino, Live Casino and Sports Betting markets, I want players to feel that they are gambling in a safe and controlled environment. Obviously it goes without saying that I want to be offering the most rewarding and diverse casino too, but I want to create a safe space where gamblers can go to have fun, win or lose.

What are the main strengths that your experience provides?

Having worked within the VIP Vertical for 12 years at every level, I can offer great guidance and support for my teams who are also on the same journey as me. I like to use my experience to help guide and nurture my teams to become the best at whatever level they are at, and always looking forward to that next step up the ladder.

My attitude has always been that of, I am here to serve my team and help them achieve their goals, my team is not here to serve me. When my teams succeed, we all succeed!

I also have a natural flair for mathematics and creativity which is helpful.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

I enjoy the creative aspect of my role, coming up with fresh ideas on how to improve our services and keep up to date with the ever changing landscape of online gambling.

I also love working alongside like minded people, who often give me a different perspective on things. The constant challenges keep it fun and rewarding.

Why did you become a CasinoCoin ambassador?

My strongest motivation for becoming a CasinoCoin ambassador is that I believe this to be a great product and fantastic alternative payment solution for many online gambling websites. More and more people are becoming interested in crypto and the CasinoCoin Lobby makes it very easy for the user to sign up to multiple casinos whilst tracking your overall spending.

Also, unlike other cryptocurrencies, CasinoCoin is specifically designed to work with the regulated gambling markets, which in my opinion, is what makes it unique.

Having built up a wide network of contacts in my career, my extensive casino experience and also living in Malta, I plan on spreading the CasinoCoin word and to give it more visibility amongst my peers as a better alternative to the usual FIAT payment solutions.

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We are looking forward to expanding CasinoCoin by utilising Barry’s wealth of knowledge and available contacts. As CasinoCoin continues its growth, connections within the sector remain one of our core focuses.

You can find out more about Barry via his LinkedIn profile:

Barry Patrick: LinkedIn