CasinoCoin: Leading the Cambrian Explosion — XRPL Tokenization

CasinoCoin: Leading the Cambrian Explosion — XRPL Tokenization

by JC Collins and QuadJacks

Imagine a future where there is no friction in the movement of value. There are no walls and silos. The movement of value is seamless and fast — cheap and energy efficient. This is the XRP Ledger. Now imagine a Cambrian explosion of new digital assets being minted on the XRP Ledger.

The future is arriving faster than you think.

Behind each project milestone there exist large teams of developers, management personnel, marketing teams, legal professionals, and supportive staff. When two or more companies are involved, the networking and scopes of work become even larger. Nothing happens in a vacuum. But things inevitably progress through the stages towards completion.

Since the migration of CasinoCoin to the XRP Ledger, there have been vast discussions and loads of background support work taking place. Digital asset exchanges which include XRP require different development to add assets that are tokenized on the XRPL. It’s not a straightforward case of “well the exchange has XRP listed, so it should be easy to add CSC”. There is additional development work that needs to be completed.

The digital asset space is growing fast. Most companies and projects are in full-on development mode to keep up with the pace of this growth. This includes leading and innovative exchanges.

Since being tokenized on the XRPL, CSC has been building a reliable support network of partners and community members. Leading and innovative trading platforms will need to develop the CSC support which will inevitably benefit all XRPL tokens.

In fact, the XRPL is now exploding with new tokenized assets. CasinoCoin is leading the way for this new family of digital assets, which are fast, scalable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

Please be patient as the digital asset revolution moves into its next exciting phase and the explosive growth of assets launched on the XRPL continues.

In the meantime, CasinoCoin has been relisted on two exchanges.


CasinoCoin (CSC) has been relisted on STEX. This is a centralized avenue of trading and especially important for other tokens on the XRPL. STEX waited for the swap to be closed before relisting and we appreciate their patience.

STEX offers CSC/USDT and CSC/BTC pairings.


By their own initiative, BitexBook has relisted CSC. We fully support exchanges listing CSC and other XRPL tokens without our direction. We believe this will happen more often once the ecosystem is fully locked and loaded.

Bitexbook offers a CSC/BTC pairing.

CasinoCoin is leading the charge and ensuring the development for XRPL assets will be made available for all tokens. The Cambrian explosion on the XRPL is now in full swing with Casino Coin playing an integral role in leading the charge.

The future has arrived faster than you thought it would.