CasinoCoin: Gears in the Digital Machine

by JC Collins

The digital machine was not solid, but the gears which moved it were. It loomed over the landscape, casting its inevitability across an ever-shrinking world. In front of the machine stood the pillars of an old world, which were tilted, cracked, and covered with a century of dust. Each was just moments from being devoured by the mouth of the digital machine. Behind, it had paved the roads of the new world, built on the principles of progress.

The machine was absolute in its objective. Its mission, not to destroy but to rebuild the world.

The machine was without form but inside, the gears varied in size and purpose. Each was interacting with the other. Moving, turning one another as the teeth of each had gripped the teeth of the other. A constant state of motion with me somewhere in the middle. An individual like the others, but integrated into the digital machine through shared purpose and a dream of something more.

One gear was the Moderator. Its name was Wurstkloppi#7322 on Discord and @WFA_Archive on Twitter. Wurstkloppi had been in the machine for four years and was fond of the community built up around the gears. One of the objectives of the machine was to create a seamless transfer of funds from casino to casino without waiting times and repeat KYC registrations.

Wurstkloppi also had a passion for books, tennis, table tennis, surfing, and sports betting outside of the machine. Wurstkloppi dreamed of becoming more involved in the planning of upcoming projects and pipelines for the machine.

Then there was Dave, the Business Development Representative of the machine, also known as MassAdoption#4996 on Discord and just @mass_adoption on Twitter. Mass Adoption was tasked with contacting and onboarding new casinos, exchanges, wallet providers, and building relationships with potential new partners.

Mass Adoption had been working inside the machine for three years and loved the drive of the team and the support of the community. When not gratefully helping other gears move inside the machine, Mass Adoption would have been found fishing.

Another gear operating inside the machine for two years was Matt or matt_mxttsco#6646 on Discord and @Mxttsco on Twitter. The guitar rocking Matt was a Discord and Telegram Moderator who kept the server under control while answering questions from the community. Some considered Matt a delinquent online casino user who had hated the slow withdrawal speeds. The machine had changed all of that. You see, the digital machine was built on the XRP Ledger, and Matt knew that the machine would use that speed and scalability to takeover all online casinos.

As a solution-based developer, Matt would go on to one day develop some essential tools on the XRP Ledger, which would benefit both XRP and CSC.

During that time, there was also a gear that made educational videos for the community. Codeward#2263, or @Codeward1 on Twitter, also had some revolutionary ideas for xApps that provided invaluable benefits towards the purpose of the machine. Codeward recognized the value of community and encouraged that community to work together from the moment he became a gear three years before.

Codeward valued learning and being a Jack-of-all-Trades. Of course, taking time to enjoy cooking, baking, smoking meats, and electronics, such as Arduino, while dabbling in drawing and airbrushing was also important.

Tobias, another Community Moderator, had been a gear for two years. The machine’s overall architecture for being a solution for casinos was what first attracted him. Going by FizzeFatze#8426 on Discord and @FizzeFatze on Twitter, Tobias enjoyed bicycling and camping with his family when not thinking about how he would further contribute to the machine through product testing, management, and design thinking through UI/UX simplified redesign projects.

All knew of Jack or QuadJacks#4378 on Discord and @QuadJacksCSC on Twitter. Jack was the all-around pain in the butt gear, jester, and Marketing Coordinator for the machine. The core responsibilities of this gear were to network, manage social media, and provide other mediocre writing alongside @XRP_Productions drivel.

But that’s not what made Jack awesome. It was the fact that he was a poker player that first got the machine’s attention. He also enjoyed computer hardware and biking, but his talents as a Marketing Coordinator provided the ultimate fuel to the machine.

There was a gear that didn’t have a Twitter handle. Imagine. This gear was called Marek, or Marek#0971 on Discord. Marek was the Customer Support Representative for the machine and was the longest-serving gear at seven years. The machine had provided not just Marek but many others with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of something big. Marek loved that about the machine. The heavily motivated CSC team and fantastic community also brightened Marek’s heart. Of course, when not churning as a gear, he played rounds of disc golf and watched F1 racing.

The last gear I’d like to tell you about is Chris or FlyingFox#0370 on Discord and @ForexCadet on Twitter. Chris is the creator of the site, @CasinoCoinAlert Twitter service, Discord TipBot, and XRP Ledger TipBot. For three years, Chris had been identifying needs, finding solutions while progressing existing ideas, and ensuring they evolved in time to meet the changing requirements of the machine.

For Chris, the machine was not just a digital asset but a developing ecosystem full of other gears. Encouraging these gears to participate and contribute their solutions was essential to him and one of the more favorable aspects of the machine. When not creating, Chris was involved in various sports, such as cycling and exploring the great outdoors, alongside running a side business developing iOS apps and microcontroller programming.

The Freelance Graphic Designer was another gear named Vasile, or vcercelariu#5197 on Discord and @onlycryptopanda on Twitter. Vasile had been with the machine for just over a year back during that time and was attracted to the utility, growth, and hard work of all the other gears. Outside of playing football and spending time with his dog, Vasile was often begging Jack for more consistent work. Little did he know the amount of work that would come his way as the CSC ecosystem evolved.

As for me, I was just the Writer gear. Most called me JC. Some called me other things. @XRP_Productions called me number one. On Discord, I was JC Collins#6307, and on Twitter, I was @HigherManas. I just wanted to write something. The machine provided me new energy, and its vision and purpose were very accommodating. Seeing where it was going was one thing, but arriving there was another.

No one expected everything to happen so fast. Even those that believed from the start were shocked at how quickly the digital machine moved upon the world. No parts of me were left in the old world with the piles of rubble. That’s what I loved about the machine — the ability to be absolute in its objective and bring everyone with it.

But there are more stories to tell. Secrets. Hidden gears provided additional strength. A multitude of gears. A nation of gears. Everyone had eventually gone on to more prominent roles in support of the machine. But I remained as the Writer — the one value I had to offer.

That was then. This is now.

The digital machine descends upon Las Vegas, and there will be many more stories to tell.

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