CasinoCoin: Deposit Anything

Still in its infancy, cryptocurrency has been around for just over 10 years. This implies that there is still boundless room for future innovation. Building bridges for interoperability to other networks and tokens has become one of the latest undertakings by many different development teams and today we’re adding a CasinoCoin (CSC) twist.

We’re excited to announce that Deposit Anything via XRPL pathfinding is now available in the CasinoCoin Lobby!

Deposit Anything (previously known as Your Way to Play) adds a new mechanism to the CasinoCoin Lobby which allows you to automatically convert any XRPL token into CSC then subsequently deposit it to your favourite partnered casino.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign into the CasinoCoin Lobby via the XUMM Wallet
  2. Pick your favourite casino
  3. Tap Deposit
  4. Tap the Slider on the “Deposit from any currency”
  5. Enter the amount of CSC you want to deposit
  6. Tap “Find and Select Currency”
  7. Select an XRPL token you hold
  8. Tap “Make CSC Deposit” and sign the transaction

We’re always seeking out new ways to bring value to the XRP Ledger. The Deposit Anything feature boosts the utility of all XRPL tokens by using CasinoCoin as a bridge to entertainment. Furthermore, it should increase the liquidity of the CSC token making it more attractive to new casino partners. Deposit Anything officially opens Friday 08/04/2022, see you at the tables!