CasinoCoin: A Revolution in Digital Asset Trading

by JC Collins

The good news just keeps coming.

CasinoCoin is now trading on GateHub. GateHub provides a digital wallet for the Internet of Value. We all know that the Internet of Value is the ultimate destination for the XRP Ledger use case. It is the future for the movement of value around the world. Bonds will even be issued on the XRPL soon, which will be a massive monetary contribution to the Internet of Value.

GateHub utilizes the XRP Ledger DEX for trading. Digital assets currently on GateHub include pairings of XRP, BTC, ETH, LTC, alongside USD, EUR, and CNY. Now CSC can be paired with any of those assets and traded directly on the XRPL DEX. It’s a revolution in digital asset trading alongside the XUMM Wallet, XRP Toolkit, and SologenicDEX.

Trading on the XRPL DEX means no intermediary costs or 3rd party management of your funds. You have full custody of your assets held on the XRPL DEX. It’s secure, safe, fast, low cost, and scalable as more services and products are added, such as decentralized financial products. It allows for quick integration of other assets, pairs, and products.

The GateHub wallet also supports Web Monetization and PayString along with a growing host of new services, such as a forthcoming App Wallet and GateHub card. The DEX is going mainstream.

GateHub has also published a helpful guide on setting up a CSC trust line with a few shortcuts. Once set up, you are free to exchange with all the trading pairs available, and you can even create pairs of your own.

The digital asset space is changing fast, and CasinoCoin is partnered with the leaders moving the industry forward. As reviewed in the CasinoCoin blog One, Two, Three, the evolution of the XRPL DEX is taking place through partnerships and asset integration. More assets will move to the XRPL and join the growing ecosystem building on the DEX.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, digital asset exchanges have been evolving. The first Bitcoin exchange was started in New York and was fraught with legal and financial challenges. Since the last digital asset bull market in 2017, the number of centralized exchange options has increased exponentially. We are now seeing the explosion of decentralized exchanges, and the XRPL DEX is the best of the best.

The XRPL DEX delivers on what Bitcoin promised — a truly decentralized, fast, secure, cheap, and scalable ecosystem that will move value around the world in a completely trustless manner. CasinoCoin is proud to join a class of decentralized partners, such as GateHub, on the XRPL DEX to deliver on the revolution of digital asset trading while building the Internet of Value.

Let’s welcome GateHub to the CSCNation.

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