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Token Swap Information

What is a Token Swap?

A token swap consists of moving assets from one blockchain (ledger) to another. In the case of CasinoCoin, we will be merging our current blockchain onto the XRP Ledger granting us access to the XRP ecosystem.

When is it?

The swap takes place on the afternoon of Apr 20th, 2021 through June 18th, 2021


Why is CasinoCoin swapping to XRPL?

XUMM Wallet
As one of the premier non-custodial wallets, the XUMM client will allow the CasinoCoin developers to build xApps, and a host of other advanced features.

More Secure
The XRPL prioritises speed, security, and scalability. It facilitates transactions with near-instant confirmation.

Lower Fees
The XRPL currently charges a transaction fee of 12 drops (0.000012XRP, currently less ~$0.00000676), regardless of transaction size.

Team Focus
Swapping to the XRPL means that the CSC devs will no longer have to focus on blockchain management and can target CasinoCoin’s core vision.

Hardware Wallets
Integration onto hardware wallets will happen by default due to being on XRPL.

Exchange Integration
Integration will be made much simpler for exchanges.

Reduced KYC costs
XRPL offers a single point of KYC and access to multiple gaming sites, which provides CasinoCoin a superior gaming experience.

What do I need to do?

The tutorial for swapping your CSCL CSC for XRPL CSC can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

How do I copy my wallet address? (Desktop)

Right click the wallet you want to copy the address from, and select Copy Account.

How do I copy my wallet address? (Mobile)

Tap on the wallet you want to copy the address from, and either swipe left on the address, and tap checkmark -or- tap CSC logo at the bottom right, and tap the pages to copy.

Sending funds from the BRM fails without an error message

The BRM shows the full balance including the account reserve, when sending full balance, leave approx 10-15 CSC and it should go through.

Will the fiat value still go up / down if it’s in my wallet?

Yes, CSC’s fiat value is still affected by market conditions.

Why doesn’t fiat value show?

This functionality broke with an update, and will be resolved after the swap.

Is a destination tag required?

Only if you’re sending to an exchange or service that requires one. Personal wallet’s do not require a destination tag.

Scanning the QR code says that my address is incorrect

Scanning the QR code gives a full URL. Either copy the address, or remove the leading and trailing bit of the URL.

Bitrue is giving me an error trying to withdraw

Check that your wallet is active, if not activate your wallet first (refer to the question below).

How do I activate the wallet?

Activate the wallet simply by sending 10 CSC to it, or in discord chat with command !activate account_id

Can I use the old wallet (V4), or do I have to upgrade?

You can swap from either, both wallets will work.

Wallet Downloads

How do I copy my wallet address? (Mobile)

Right click the wallet you want to copy the address from, and select Copy Account.


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